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The Arch of History

A documentary chronicling the journey of two African-American women from their rural Mississippi hometown to the inauguration of President Barack Obama.


WAR ON THE FAMILY: Mothers in Prison and the Children They Leave Behind

"They let me know as soon as I entered in these walls and closed the door that I had no rights. I had no voice. My name was an irrelevant part of me and I would now be known by whatever number that would be given to me."

Yolanda, imprisoned mother

"The idea of incarcerating your way out of a drug problem is like treating AIDS by digging graves."

Kathy Kane-Willis, Roosevelt University Chicago


TOO FLAWED TO FIX: The Illinois Death Penalty Experience.

"Nancy never would have wanted her memorial to be the death of another human being. There is no point in spilling more blood, it would not bring her back to us, it wouldn't make us feel any better, it wouldn't restore our loss. It would only create another grieving family. It would dig another grave. Hate is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."

Jeanne Bishop whose pregnant sister, Nancy and her husband were murdered in 1993.